Why Hiring a Cleaning Company for Your Airbnb Is a Smart Move

Why Hiring a Cleaning Company for Your Airbnb Is a Smart Move

Monday Jul 19th, 2021

If you’ve considered listing one or more of your properties online as a short-term homestay or vacation rental, there’s no time like the present. Since the company’s creation in 2008, Airbnb hosts have collectively earned over $110 billion. And almost anyone in the world can host!

However, while it’s true that the extra income can be a nice boost to your bank accounts, the cleaning can be a serious bummer. It's often hard enough to keep your own home spotless, let alone another property! But there is a way to make life easier. Gem City Cleaning Solutions jotted down five reasons why hiring a cleaning company for your Airbnb is a smart move.

1. Saves Time

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Running a business requires proficiency in time management. Running an Airbnb is no exception. From regularly communicating with guests and updating your listing to cleaning your property and making small repairs, there is plenty to be done. By hiring a professional cleaning service you’re eliminating a major timesuck.

Contracting a professional cleaning service also means that there are employees available to get the job done at specified times. Some cleaners are even available on short-notice as well. If you clean the property by yourself, the time it takes to clean can be much longer due to distractions, disinterest, or even exhaustion, which further complicates turnaround times for departures and arrivals.

The less time it takes to clean and prepare for the next rental, the more money you may make. If you’re regularly spending money on cleaning supplies and allotting extra time to clean your rentals, you may be missing out on opportunities to market your listing and increase your income. What’s more, you may find that you will have a better chance at maintaining a work-life balance if you outsource cleaning services.

2. Builds Business Relationships

By outsourcing a cleaning service, you open up the opportunity to build your relationship with other businesses. In turn, this relationship can spread awareness about your listings and can potentially increase interest in renting your spaces. If you employ a professional cleaning service, you will then have the opportunity to choose and support smaller, locally-owned cleaning companies.

When you shop and support local businesses, rest assured that they have the same goals as you. Oftentimes, small-business owners are your neighbors, and they are invested in building your local community as much as you are. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Airbnb, guests “stay 2.1 times longer and spend 1.8 times more than typical visitors.”

If that’s not enough to sway you, small businesses also have a kinder impact on the environment; they leave smaller carbon footprints and their funds are cycled throughout the community.

3. Utilizes Professional Equipment

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While most people have a general sense of what it means to clean, sanitize, and disinfect, professional cleaners undergo more thorough training in order to ensure that every surface is safe and sparkling. No matter how much you clean, there will likely be areas that your untrained eye will miss. What’s more, professional cleaners are equipped with proper tools to get the job done, which significantly increases the level of services offered by the cleaning company.

And, because they have the proper tools and experience, professional cleaners are at a lower risk of overexposure to harmful cleaning chemicals that you would otherwise be exposed to.

Professional cleaners also produce the same results repeatedly in order to remain trustworthy and stay in business, and are constantly informed of any changes to cleaning procedures. Consistent results regarding the cleanliness of your rental can lead to a growth in ratings.

As an additional note, cleaners are equipped with workers' compensation and general liability insurance, which provides them with both financial and legal assistance in the event of a personal or customer-related injury while on the job.

4. Saves Money

When you hire a professional cleaning service, there’s a chance you can still save money. While there is a fee to employ a professional cleaner, it certainly triumphs over both the time and money you would spend making routine trips to the store to purchase various cleaning supplies. And, at the same time, purchasing your own cleaning supplies does not guarantee the same cleanliness that a professional can achieve with their own tools of the trade.

The ongoing pandemic, while coming to a close, also requires certain cleaning protocols to be followed. Therefore, COVID-19 grade cleaning supplies are vital to the cleanliness of your current Airbnb listing, which may prove to be expensive in both the short and long run.

5. Makes Business More Enjoyable

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Ditching the part where you need to scrub toilets, sinks, and floors—focusing on what matters to you makes a big difference. Eliminating cleaning allows you to focus on the big picture ideas around your Airbnb. Whether you’re adding new features, hanging new artwork, or updating the appliances, give yourself more time to do it by hiring a professional cleaning service.

Your Next Airbnb Cleaning Crew

Cleaning an Airbnb—or multiple Airbnbs—is not an easy feat on your own; the same can still be said if you choose to manage your rentals with the help of your friends or family. Between conflicting schedules, time management, money, and supplies, look to a cleaning crew for your Airbnb needs. To find out more about how Gem City Cleaning Solutions will transform your listings and leave them sparkling, give us a call at (814) 520-6025 or fill out our contact form today.

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