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If you’re researching the best cleaning solutions, the answers to our most frequently asked questions will help you decide what’s best for you and your home. If you still have questions, please reach out!

  • Can I schedule recurring cleaning appointments?
  • Do You Do Carpet Cleaning?
  • Do You Do Pest Control?
  • Do You Do Restoration Services?
  • What Other Services Are Not Offered?
  • Will You Clean Dishes?
  • Will You Take Out the Trash?
  • Will You Do Laundry?
  • Do You Have Discounts for Frequent Cleanings?
  • What Kind of Cleaning Supplies Do You Use?
  • Do You Clean Rental Properties?
  • How Far in Advance Should I Schedule a Clean?
  • Do I have to Be At Home When the Cleaners are There?
  • Will I Have the Same Cleaning Person Every time?
  • How Do You Ensure A Quality Cleaning?
  • Do you Supply Your Own Cleaning Supplies and Solutions?
  • Can I Add On to My Cleaning Service Package?
  • How Do I Cancel An Appointment?
  • Are You Insured?
  • How Do I Pay for Cleanings?
  • Will You Move Furniture?
  • Will I be judged if my house is messy before starting services?
  • Do I have to Pre-Clean or Prep before my cleaning appointment?

Thank you, Gem City Cleaning Solutions!

Erie, PA

“My house has never been cleaner!”

-Jane S.

Quality, Timeliness, Thoroughness, & Customer Service

Erie, PA

“FANTASTIC job .. extraordinary!!”


Sensational cleaners!

“Sensational cleaners! I am recommending them to my friends and family.”

-Christina G.

Grateful for you!!

“Thank you so much!!! The house is lovely. You did an awesome job! Grateful for you!!”

-Jodi A.

Reasonable price move-in / move-out

“Did an amazing job for an extremely reasonable price!! Absolutely thrilled with the deep move in cleaning they did on my new home!”

-Kelly C.

Really Impressed

“Really impressed with this small business owner's attention to detail as well as her hands-on approach. The entire first experience was above all expectations and we are looking forward to many more to come.”

-Ronald K.