What to Expect From a Professional Cleaning Service

What to Expect From a Professional Cleaning Service

Wednesday May 5th, 2021

Everyone loves a clean home, from the fresh smell down to the spotless floors. What’s more, a clean house can increase productivity, minimize harmful germs, boost motivation, and even provide an increase in happiness.

However, time is an issue. From working long hours in a demanding environment to homeschooling children amid the pandemic, many families are finding that housekeeping is at the bottom of their priority list, which is why many of them are turning to professional cleaners.

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely taken the steps necessary to determine if you’d like to hire a professional cleaner. Or maybe you’re still looking for information on what to expect from a professional cleaning service prior to making your decision. In either case, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you’re looking for house and apartment cleaning or move-in and move-out services, our team of professionals at Gem City Cleaning Solutions will get the job done.

If you’re interested in booking a professional cleaning service, here’s what you can expect:

1. Less Dust

Professional cleaner dusting a window.

Chemical and Engineering News states that dust is a “mix of sloughed-off skin cells, hair, clothing fibers, bacteria, dust mites, bits of dead bugs, soil particles, pollen, and microscopic specks of plastic.” While dust does not cause any severe illnesses, it can certainly cause an increase in allergies and illnesses similar to common colds.

In addition to protecting your health, dusting also protects your HVAC system. If the air filter within your HVAC system is not cleaned properly or changed, dust can collect, reducing the air quality that is cycled throughout your home. Lastly, dusting undeniably gives your home a new and pristine appearance.

2. Better Smell

A house’s scent can say a lot about a person. It has also been proven that smell can affect both the body and mind, for better or worse. In fact, the National Center for Biotechnology Information has concluded that “a number of studies have scientifically supported the beneficial use of various aromatic plants in aromatherapy.”

The benefits of aromatherapy include reduced stress and anxiety, improved quality of sleep, and an increase in feelings of tranquility. A clean home with a pleasant smell will achieve the same results.

3. Clean Floors

Professional cleaner sweeping a floor.

Clean, uncluttered floors are just as essential to a house as dusting, taking care of the laundry, and dishwashing. When flooring is properly vacuumed and scrubbed, the risk of illness is significantly reduced, especially if there is carpeting. Because we walk on our floors—sometimes with shoes that we’ve worn outside the home—there is an immense amount of bacteria, dirt, and other debris covering it.

According to Factory Cleaning Equipment, “more than 90% of bacteria, including E. coli, found on shoes is transferred to tile or carpet.” That said, flooring should be cleaned thoroughly, and on a routine basis, especially if there are pets or children in the home.

4. Elevated Mood

A clean home has been proven to lead to an increase in happiness. A study in the Journal of Environmental Psychology has shown that “clutter had a negative impact on psychological home and subjective well-being.”

If you are no longer bogged down by cleaning tasks, more free time may open up in the day for hobbies, family activities, and even periods of relaxation. And, with a newly-cleaned environment, you may be able to find items that were once lost or hidden.

5. An Increase in Productivity

Man on computer working from home.

Sifting through clutter can cause someone to lose precious time in their day. When a space is effectively decluttered, productivity increases; this is because there is a significant decrease in the amount of time it takes to locate items—whether it be a remote, article of clothing, cellphone, laptop, kitchen, or writing utensil—and an increase in focus.

Having more free time because you are no longer worried about cleaning your home also means that you have more time to complete home projects and focus on work. With a great deal of the population still working from home due to the pandemic, a decluttered working environment drastically improves workflow as it takes an average of 23 minutes and 15 seconds to refocus after being interrupted.

6. A Deeper Clean

While you may get the occasional opportunity to organize and thoroughly clean your home, professional cleaners will really get down into every nook and cranny. There are a number of areas that may be too difficult for you to clean on your own, or maybe you haven’t found the time to do so just yet.

Professional cleaners have a trained eye and know where to look, and in the process, they will provide you with the best possible service and a deeper clean using their most effective tools.

Keeping Clean with Gem City Cleaning Solutions

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