9 Tips for Your 2022 Spring Clean

9 Tips for Your 2022 Spring Clean

Monday Jan 24th, 2022

After spending a few months mostly at home and indoors, the 2022 spring clean probably feels like a cumbersome task just looming in the distance. Be it a germ-riddled doorknob or an overcrowded junk drawer, there’s always one more chore begging for attention.

To set you up for success for this year’s big clean, Gem City Cleaning Solutions has compiled a list of nine tips for keeping your spring cleaning manageable and productive.

1. Make a Schedule

Life gets busy fast, and adding too much to an ever-growing to-do list can feel daunting. Depending on the size of your home, a thorough spring clean likely isn’t going to happen in one day. Schedule one or two spring cleaning tasks each week in addition to your regular cleaning routine to keep focused and stay consistent.

Make a Schedule

Just because it’s called spring cleaning doesn’t mean you have to wait until March to get started. Instead, start in February and complete a few tasks each week. Be particularly mindful of areas that might take more time (washing the walls, replacing HVAC filters, etc.) and budget your time accordingly. Ideally, your whole home should be sparkling by the first week of April.

2. Clear Your Space 

Before diving into a deep clean, spend some time in each room throwing away objects you no longer use or need. Fewer items lying around means less stuff to move, organize, and clean when the time comes.

If you don’t know where to begin, try the 12-12-12 method. Find 12 items to throw away, 12 items to donate, and 12 items to relocate to another space in your home. Do this once in each room or several times throughout the house to clear as much space as possible.

3. Tackle the Germs

Some amount of disinfecting is probably already part of your regular cleaning routine. Toilets, counters, sinks, and tubs get scrubbed frequently. But what about the hidden germs?

Toothbrushes and sponges are hotbeds for bacteria growth because they are often used and put away damp. When possible, give both more space to air out between uses. Replace regularly regardless of storage (toothbrush 2-3 months; sponge 1-2 weeks).

Pay special attention to electronics and other commonly used items like knobs, cutting boards, and pet supplies. Disinfect remote controls, keyboards, phones, and tablets. A small amount of rubbing alcohol on a cloth or cotton ball can have the added bonus of a streak-free clean. Wipe down all doorknobs, faucet handles, and stove knobs. Soak cutting boards in clean dishwater to thoroughly disinfect. Wash pet bowls and launder or replace all pet bedding. 

4. Clean the Air

Not only does replacing furnace filters reduce the presence of dust, dirt, pet dander, pollen, and smoke in your home, but it also contributes to cost and energy savings. A clean HVAC system doesn’t have to work quite as hard as its dirty counterpart, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint. Additionally, clean HVAC systems allow for better air quality inside the home.

Don’t forget to remove dust buildup from vents and radiators. Use a feather duster to wipe vent grates easily or reach between radiator pipes.

5. Look High and Look Low

It’s easy to clean what’s in everyday eyesight. But what about the spaces you don’t always notice? Take a walk around your home from a new perspective to see what may need your attention. Look in high corners for cobwebs or at the baseboards to find areas that need polished.

Clean Floors

Pay special attention to the walls around vents or other heating and cooling systems. Due to dust buildup in or near the vents, these areas often become discolored and must be washed. Be sure to move from top to bottom, left to right, to ensure a complete clean.

Sweep or vacuum the floors in all areas of the home. Mop and polish any hard surfaces to achieve a sparkling clean. Also, consider renting or investing in a carpet cleaner to thoroughly remove any dust, lint, pet dander, or hidden bacteria in carpeted spaces.

Don’t forget to check your window sills and screens for dirt, dust, and pollen. Remove and wash window screens to ensure clean airflow on breezy days. Dust window sills and clean window panes—you’ll thank yourself when the sun starts shining!

6. Clean the Kitchen

Once you feel confident that your kitchen is decluttered and free of any harmful germs or bacteria, move on to the appliances. Wipe down all parts of the stove, oven, fridge, microwave, and coffeemaker. Consider using a chemical-free cleaner inside the oven and microwave to reduce the risk of harmful residues finding their way into your food.

Wipe down all items in your fridge, tossing out any old or spoiled foods as you go. Clean the shelves and drawers to reduce the presence of foodborne bacteria.

Organize the pantry and cupboards, again removing any old or forgotten goods. Consider donating any shelf-stable, unopened items. If you’ve forgotten about them for the last few months, you probably won’t use them now. Instead, pack a bag or two to take to your local food pantry.

7. Scour the Bathroom

A bathroom can never be too clean—take this opportunity to scrub the tub, toilet, and sink thoroughly. If you have one, disinfect the bathroom trash can inside and out. Sanitize or replace all grooming tools, including hairbrushes, make-up brushes, nail clippers, and tweezers.

Replace your shower curtain. If you have a decorative cloth curtain, launder or replace it. Wash all towels, bath mats, and wash clothes. 

8. Miscellaneous

Depending on your home and lifestyle, you might need to spend some extra time on miscellaneous objects throughout your house.

Disinfect or launder all reusable shopping bags according to their care labels. If you host people frequently in your home, consider sanitizing and polishing all dinner- and barware.

Homes with pets may require a few trips around the house with a lint roller, paying attention to lampshades, furniture, and other fabric-covered items. Try viewing your home from the perspective of an outsider. What might you notice? You should probably clean that.

9. Hire Some Help

Spring cleaning: easier said than done. Well-organized plans and thoughtful intentions might be a good place to start, but carrying out several extra hours of cleaning tasks each week isn’t always realistic. If time isn’t in your budget, a clean from Gem City Cleaning Solutions certainly could be.

Gem City offers several services, from a quick hour-long clean to an in-depth, full-day excursion. Whatever your needs or your budget, Gem City can help you feel clean and clear in your home this spring. 

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